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February 5, 2024 • General

A Symphony of Sound and Flavor at The Western Horseman Club

Amarillo, the beating heart of Texas, is a land where the steak is as rich in flavor as the music is in melody. Amidst this vibrant scene, The Western Horseman Club stands as a beacon of the Amarillo entertainment scene, merging the allure of a city-style supper club with the rustic charm of a high-end Western honky-tonk dance hall. This is where you come for live music in Amarillo.

This isn’t just another Amarillo steakhouse; it’s an experience, a place where the team that transformed The Drunken Oyster and Sa•vór into culinary landmarks has worked their magic once more. This is what our country needs: red meat, whisky and live music – welcome to the newest best restaurant in Amarillo.

A New Rhythm in Amarillo’s Music Scene

In the rhythm of Amarillo’s heart beats The Western Horseman Club, not just a revival of a name but a rebirth of a legacy. The place that once resonated with the echoes of a classic bar has now been transformed into a vibrant live music venue in Amarillo, Texas, where the strings of guitars blend seamlessly with the sizzle of steaks. It’s more than a steakhouse in Amarillo; it’s where the culinary maestro, Chef/Owner Rory Schepisi, orchestrates a menu that’s as enticing as the lineup of bands.

Every week, the club buzzes with the energy of live music in Amarillo, bringing a diverse array of sounds and styles to the stage. From the heartfelt twangs of country music legends to the soulful grooves of rock and blues bands, each performance is an immersive experience. The state-of-the-art sound system and acoustically designed space ensure that every note is crystal clear, enveloping guests in a symphony of sounds. As a new Amarillo restaurant open late at night, the Horseman is quickly becoming a bright Route 66 Amarillo late hour beacon in the city.

It’s not just about hearing the music; it’s about feeling it in your bones, letting the rhythm take over, and becoming part of the music itself. The Western Horseman Club isn’t just a venue; it’s the pulsating heart of Amarillo’s live music scene – and now it’s one of the hottest dance clubs in Amarillo TX.

A Culinary Crescendo of Live Music, Red Meat & Country Dishes

As you step into this Amarillo steak house, the aroma of prime cuts of Certified Angus Beef® brand steaks fills the air, setting the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. From the tender Filet Mignon to the robust Ribeye, each dish is a testament to Rory’s dedication and passion, a journey through Amarillo’s rich flavors and textures.

But the culinary adventure doesn’t stop there. Patrons can indulge in the succulent Blue Corn Catfish, drenched in a signature Gallo Cream Sauce, or the hearty Chicken Fried Steak, crowned with Western Gravy and paired with home-style sides. For the daring, the Wagyu Sliders offer a gourmet twist, featuring local Wagyu beef and sautéed onions, making each bite a luxurious exploration of taste and tradition. At The Western Horseman Club, every dish is carefully curated, combining the best of country cooking with gourmet sophistication, ensuring a meal that resonates with the soul of Texas.

Amarillo’s Best Bands: The Live Music Soundtrack of Amarillo

The Western Horseman Club isn’t just about satisfying your taste buds. It’s a cornerstone of the Amarillo music scene, where live music in Amarillo, Texas, finds a home. We lovingly embrace our city’s culture with our Tejano Tuesdays as one of Tejano clubs Amarillo can turn to for Tex-Mex music and dancing. 

With a calendar bustling with acts, from the soulful strumming of country music to the vibrant beats of the area’s best rock bands, the club is where Amarillo’s music and culinary arts meet. 

Our past and present entertainment schedule includes awesome local and national live music acts including:

To keep up with the ever-changing lineup and ensure you never miss a beat, check out our weekly live music schedule. It’s conveniently available on The Western Horseman Club’s website and updated regularly on our Facebook page. Dive into the rhythm of Amarillo’s nights with just a click!

Dance the Amarillo Night Away

And what’s music without dance? As one of the best Amarillo live music venues, the WHC invites you to sway to the rhythm with free country dancing and line dancing lessons every Monday night. It’s not just a live music venue in Amarillo, Texas; it’s a dance haven where boots tap, and hearts beat in unison. It’s a spotlit oasis in Amarillo nightlife.

As Amarillo’s premier destination for live entertainment and dancing, we offer an electrifying ambiance that encourages you to embrace the dance floor. Whether you’re perfecting your two-step or learning the latest line dancing moves, our club is your gateway to an unforgettable night. 

With live bands in Amarillo setting the tempo, and a vibrant dance community welcoming newcomers and pros alike, The Western Horseman Club is where Amarillo’s dance and music scenes come alive. Join us for an evening of lively tunes, spirited dancing, and Amarillo’s finest live music and dance experience!

An Orchestration of Fine Spirits – The Rhythm of Whisky

If you enjoy the finest spirits, our list of whiskies will make you want to dance! At The Western Horseman Club, the bar is a treasure trove with over 135 types of bourbon and scotch, making it a sophisticated whisky bar for those who appreciate the finer spirits in life. This vast collection includes treasures like the 12-year Pappy Van Winkle, making it not just an Amarillo steakhouse, but a sanctuary for whisky lovers.

Every Week is a Live Music Celebration

The club is your go-to destination every weekend and maybe for live music in Amarillo tonight!. With a lineup that features everything from Amarillo country bands to live rock bands, the stage is always set for a night of exhilarating entertainment. Be sure to check out our Amarillo live music schedule on our website or our Facebook page.

Make It a Night To Remember

Situated on the same property as The Westerner Extended Stay Hotel and Cactus Cove Inn & Suites, The Western Horseman Club is at the crossroads of comfort and excitement. These top-tier hotel properties offer the perfect retreat after a night of dining, dancing, and revelry.

Our patrons enjoy the luxury of convenience; transition seamlessly from the exhilarating beats of live music in Amarillo and the energetic whirl of country dance clubs in Amarillo, TX, to the tranquil ambiance of their hotel room. Extend your evening into a mini-getaway, making each visit not just a night out, but a memorable staycation. 

This is something to think about when you are looking for Amarillo restaurants open late. With the vibrant Amarillo music venues just steps away, your stay at The Westerner or Cactus Cove is more than accommodation—it’s part of your adventure in the heart of Amarillo’s entertainment and dance scene.  

A Trio of Culinary Excellence

The legacy of The Western Horseman Club is intertwined with its sister venues, The Drunken Oyster and Sa•vór Tapas Bar. Each restaurant, with its unique flair, contributes to making the club not just the best steakhouse in Amarillo but part of a trio that defines the city’s culinary scene. These restaurants are known for serving up the food Amarillo loves!

Join the Amarillo Dance Party

In Amarillo, a city that dances to the beat of its own drum, The Western Horseman Club is a melody that resonates with the flavors of the finest steaks and the rhythms of the most vibrant live music. It’s not just a place; it’s where Amarillo’s spirit comes alive, a venue that orchestrates nights of culinary and musical mastery. 

So whether you’re in the mood for the best steak in Amarillo, a twirl on the dance floor, or a sip of the rarest whisky, the club welcomes you to be part of its ongoing symphony – a celebration of life, music, and exceptional dining.

Join the Live Music Lineup at The Western Horseman Club!

Music lovers and artists, we’re shaping the future of live performances at The Western Horseman Club, and you’re invited! Help curate our playlist by tagging your favorite artists, from local talent to national stars, on our social media. Your suggestions could bring them right to our stage!

Musicians and bands, if you’re ready to electrify Amarillo’s top live music venue, we want to hear from you. Send your Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and booking info to “bookings at” Let’s harmonize your talent with our vibrant atmosphere!

Your sound could be the next to fill the room and move our crowd. Be part of Amarillo’s premier live music experience at The Western Horseman Club!

Reserve Your Spot!

Remember, for music in Amarillo tonight or any night, for a dance that echoes the Texan spirit, or for a steak that narrates the tale of culinary excellence, The Western Horseman Club is your destination. Join us, and be part of Amarillo’s most harmonious story yet. Welcome to the symphony of The Western Horseman Club – where every note is delicious, and every rhythm is captivating. Welcome to the heart of Amarillo’s live music and culinary scene.

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